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Woman forced out her home by DNC convention

Posted by billamos on August 21, 2012 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (1)


Nadina Monroe has one week to get out of her home. The 27-year-old rents a hotel room at the Motel 6 in south Charlotte.

“It's not much of a home, but it’s a home to me,” she cried.

Monroe is an advertising student at Central Piedmont Community College and works at a local plastics company. She said her income was too unstable to get a leased apartment so she picked the hotel because it’s close to bus stops, as she has no car.

Like a few others across Charlotte, she has been told by a hotel manager that her room has been booked for the Democratic National Convention starting the week of September 2. She claimed she had a two week notice.

“I feel like it’s a great opportunity for Charlotte, but I feel like it wasn't properly thought through,” she said. “There’s nothing out there. No system, no program. There's nothing out there to help me.”


Obama stiffs another town for cost of his visit

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From CBS New York


CBSNewYork) - The town of Westport will not be reimbursed for $14,812 worth of costs related to President Barack Obama’s fundraising visit earlier this month, according to Westport First Selectman Gordon Joseloff.

Joseloff said he knows from experience not to expect reimbursement for security costs during a private presidential visit, but pointed out the president raised $2 million for his re-election campaign when he visited a couple weeks ago.


New Michigan Poll. Romney is beating Obama

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From Fox Detroit:

WJBK Fox 2 -

Foster McCollum White Baydoun (FMW)B, a national public opinion polling and voter analytics consulting firm based in Michigan and representing the combined resources of Foster McCollum White & Associates (Troy, Michigan) and Baydoun Consulting (Dearborn, Michigan) conducted a telephone-automated polling random survey of Michigan registered and most likely November 2012 general election voters to determine their voting preferences.

In what will be a significant blow to Democratic campaign efforts, native son Mitt Romney has climbed into the lead in Michigan's Presidential contest. The naming of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has delivered a targeted affect on the Michigan and Midwest campaign dynamics. We ballot tested the Presidential candidates and we also tested the following two areas of initial campaign impact and awareness:


US Soldier arrested for terrorist act for jogging with weapon near a school

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MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP) - A West Virginia man arrested while running in camouflage with a training rifle belongs to the Virginia National Guard and served in Iraq.

Stephen Alemar tells the Hagerstown Herald-Mail ( he believes his 23-year-old son, William Alemar, was just trying to stay in shape for his next military assignment.

William Alemar was charged with committing a terrorist act Monday after police found him running near two Martinsburg schools. He was carrying knives and ammunition clips, and wearing a bulletproof vest.

DNC Convention funded by taxpayer dollars ?

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From McClatchy:


The Democratic National Convention will be Charlotte’s most prestigious event, bringing tens of thousands of visitors and worldwide exposure. It’s the crowning achievement of the city’s two-decade quest to become a world-class convention destination.

What’s less known are the tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money spent to compete in the convention business and the wildly inflated projections of economic impact used to justify the Convention Center’s construction and expansions.

In fact, the city of Charlotte and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority have not scrutinized how the Convention Center has performed. Elected officials who oversee it do not understand it.

Yet they have continued to pour money into the convention business, even in the face of a national glut of meeting space and Charlotte’s inability to fill its building.

The Charlotte Convention Center has cost taxpayers as much as $30 million annually for construction debt, operating losses and incentives worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars to win business. The promised payback from the investment hasn’t materialized.

Read more here:


Illinois Speaker of the House got 97k from SIEU for Pension deal ?

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From Chicago Sun Times:

The state Republican Party teed off Monday on House Speaker Michael Madigan for $97,000 one of his campaign committees received from a major Illinois union on the same day pension-reform legislation went down the tubes during a special legislative session last Friday.

The money to Democratic Majority, the committee Madigan uses to fund House races, came last Friday from SEIU Healthcare Illinois and SEIU Illinois Council.

"Is this a quid pro quo? Connect the dots," said Pat Brady, chairman of the Illinois Republican, in a prepared statement.

"After being a major part of the problem for over 30 years, did anyone really believe that Mike Madigan would get an extreme makeover and actually do something against his labor boss buddies?"

LA Times. California Teachers Union controls California Politics

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LA Times:

Last year, as Gov. Jerry Brown hammered out final details of the state budget, he huddled around a conference table with three of the most powerful people in state government: the Assembly speaker, the Senate leader — and Joe Nuñez, chief lobbyist for the California Teachers Assn.

California was on the edge of fiscal crisis. Negotiations had come down to one sticking point: Brown and the legislators would balance the books by assuming that billions of dollars in extra revenue would materialize, then cut deeply from schools if it didn't.

Nuñez said no.

Opposition from the powerful union, which had just staged a week of public protests against budget cuts, could mean a costly legal challenge. So the group took a break, and the officials retired to another room to hash out something acceptable to CTA while Nuñez awaited their return.

It may seem unorthodox for an unelected citizen to sit with Sacramento's elite as they pick winners and losers in the annual spending sweepstakes. But few major financial decisions in California are made without Nuñez, who represents what is arguably the most potent force in state politics.

The union views itself as "the co-equal fourth branch of government," said Oakland Democrat Don Perata, a former teacher who crossed swords with the group when he was state Senate leader.



Marine detained by FBI over Facebook posts

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Chesterfield, VA—After posting questionable messages to his Facebook wall, a Chesterfield man and Marine veteran is being held for evaluation in a local veteran's hospital.

26-year-old Brandon J. Raub was confronted at his home by FBI agents on Thursday. According to Richmond FBI spokeswoman Dee Rybiski, the agency did not arrest Raub, but took him to John Randolph Medical Center for evaluation.

Raub posted a series of controversial messages to his Facebook wall, including this one, dated August 5: "If you are unaware of the great amount of evil perpetrated by the American Government I suggest you take … your head out of the sand. The day of reckoning is almost at hand."

The FBI declined to comment further to 8News.




Hmm Paul Ryan going to Pittsburgh

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From Pittsburgh Post gazette

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will stop in Allegheny County Tuesday for a campaign rally.

Mr. Ryan, a seven-term congressman from Wisconsin, will hold a Victory Rally at Beaver Steel Services in the Rosslyn Farms Industrial Park in Carnegie on Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. The event requires preregistration at Doors open at 9 a.m.


Oil Company owner. Obama destroyed my company

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From Forbes Magazine

Paul Buhlman swears the president’s ban on deepwater drilling killed his oil company. The whole story is a bit more complex.

When I get Paul Bulmahn on the phone rumors are swirling that he’s just days from putting his company, ATP Oil & Gas, into Chapter 11. He can’t confirm it yet, but he wants to make one thing perfectly clear: If it does come to bankruptcy (which it did on August 17) it isn’t his fault. The founder and chairman of publicly traded ATP (Nasdaq:ATPG), Bulmahn wants the world to know that the Obama Administration—and its illegal ban on deepwater drilling in the wake of the BP disaster—is to blame for the implosion of his company. Not him.

It is all directly attributable to what the government did to us,” he rails. “This Administration has gone out of its way to create problems for my company, the company that I formed from scratch.” He’s more than angry. Bulmahn, 68, has already brought suit against the U.S. govern- ment seeking damages ($68 million to start with) for the 2010 moratorium that shut down deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico for the better part of a year

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